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When you're in an uncomfortable situation but God reminds you, that it’s outside of your comfort zone where new discoveries are made.

Even when you(myself included)can't see what's in front of you or don't understand the process...don't stop believing and keep looking forward.

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The Story Behind the New Single- Letting Go

One day, I looked in the mirror and started calling out everything that was keeping me from moving forward and fulfilling my purpose. I LITERALLY looked in this mirror and told myself, it is time for you to come out of that dark place. I am letting go of the things that is stopping me […]

Name Change!

Well…not really a name change but it is a name! My real name is Jamecia BUT I have been going by my nickname Meme since I was a baby. However, the reason I made the change is because it is so much easier to remember and lots of people were having a hard time […]


I have to say I am SUPER EXCITED about this single that just came out! I LOVE everything about it…from the lyrics to every instrument in the song!HaH! It’s been along time coming and I am READY! I have so many songs that I have written & can’t wait til you guys here them:) #beBOLDbeYOUbeDIFFERENT […]


I am EXTREMELY EXCITED about this new project i’m working on!OMG! It’s a cool pop record that anyone of any age would be able to relate to as well as dance and sing to:) I wanted to do a record that would uplift, encourage, and inspire by bringing confidence to those that are insecure, help […]


When someone says something either to you OR about you that is very hurtful, sometimes, the flesh part would like to go STRAIGHT HOOD on them(LOL)but you know that wouldn’t get you anywhere. Misery loves company, and if a person is not happy with themselves, they tend to turn to the person that they think […]

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